Welcome to Today’s Dissent.

The blog is a collaborative project between Jesse Wilson, Stephen Whittington and Jonathan Orpin.  Jesse and I (Jonathan) are lawyers and Stephen is a law student who works for a New Zealand politician.  Together we plan to use the blog to cover a range of issues relating to law, law reform, economics and politics.  There’s not too much more to say about the blog’s content at this stage as it is something of an experiment.  The subject matter may change over time and updates may be sporadic.

Why have we chosen the name Today’s Dissent?  For a couple of reasons.  We realise that our views may not always be popular ones or put us in the majority.  However, we hope that in such cases there may be some truth in the legal saying that “today’s dissent is tomorrow’s majority”.  Also, as we plan to post a fair bit about legal issues, in particular issues relating to free speech, we thought the reference to “dissent” was appropriate.

Finally by way of disclaimer, although the blog is collaborative, each post will reflect the Dissenter’s own personal views.  The material and views posted here are not posted on behalf of anyone else (including other Dissenters) and do not represent the views of our employers or clients.

That’s about it.  Welcome to the blog.  We hope you like it and we welcome your comments.


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