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“Things just ain’t the same for gangsters”

February 25, 2010

Dr Dre is suing Death Row Records. The statement of claim is available online here and is fairly amusing.  Check out paras 3 – 7:

3. In 2009, Death Row’s music catalogue, including rights and obligations relating to The Chronic, was transferred through a federal bankruptcy proceeding to WIDEawake Entertainment, a purchaser that promised a new era of Death Row Records actually paying royalties to its artists and honoring its other commitments.

4. Specifically, the CEO of the supposedly new and improved Death Row Records stated: “I don’t think anyone could do as bad as the last guy.  Failure to provide royalties and whatever craziness went on, that’s not my way. It’s ethically wrong. I can’t do that,” promised Lara Levi, CEO of WIDEawake Entertainment.

5. Notwithstanding the rhetoric, this was another example of “meet the new boss, same as the old boss.” Dr. Dre hasnever been paid, either by Defendants or their predecessors. Defendants have also released to the public a Dr. Dre album entitled The Chronic Re-Lit, as well as a “Greatest Hits” album, without authorization. Neither Defendants nor their predecessors have honored a word of their agreements with Dr. Dre.  This lawsuit is to make sure the Defendants don’t forget about Dre.

6. Whether you get thugged or the check just doesn’t come, it’s all the same – someone else has your money. And whether its platitude-spouting, self-proclaimed soccer mom or a supposed gangster who isn’t paying you, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re not getting paid.

7. “Things just ain’t the same for gangsters … I’ve seen them come, I’ve watched them go … watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough … I just sit back and watch the show …” – Dr. Dre, plaintiff.


Also on the lighter side of things, a Family Guy clip about the FCC which is in keeping with the free speech theme of recent posts.